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Buffering on Wireless Connection

Posted by josephandchristine on Monday, February 16, 2009, In : TFCko 

When using wireless method (wirelessTFC), there are times that  excessive buffering occurs; why is that?

There are many reasons for buffering when using wirelessTFC. Low or poor radio (wireless) signal  is usually the major cause of the WirelessTFC buffering (assuming everything else is OK with the home network and internet speed).  This could be more because of different reasons: TFC box is too far from the wireless router, thick walls, faulty wireless router, bad internet connections or radi...

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TFCko Buffering exposed

Posted by josephandchristine on Wednesday, January 14, 2009, In : TFCko 
What is buffering?

Buffering is when TFCko fails to cache the data (show you are watching) fast enough before playing the show to the TV with pictures and sounds which cause the show to stop or freeze. Buffering can be a very frustrating experience for the viewer because the show being showed continues pause and elongates time to watch movies.

What causes buffering?

ABS-CBN, the TFCko provider, has it figured out to one problem and has this disclaimer on their website under requirement for subsc...
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